What A Guy’s Beer Choice Says About His Personality

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No two beers are created equal.

Whether its a crisp Belgian wheat or the hoppy power of an IPA, theres something unique that each of these beer brands bottles upthat allows theirnameto stand out among millions of others.

And while it may seem farfetched,a guys beer of choicecan also speak volumes about his attitude, mannerisms and where he stands in life.

Each and every sip can say wonders about a man and establish his personality without the need to even have aconversation.

And what might those personalities be, you ask?

Below, in honor of National Beer Day, youll find a few garden variety beers and what they mean about the man whos drinkin em.


Youre the manliest a man can be.

Budweiser drinkers are true all-Americans, ones who represent their country with pride and release a healthy belch after consuming thelagers final sips.

King of Beers Budweiser may not go down super easy, but neither do theguys who drink them. Theyre fully capable of handling whatever is presented in front of em and make most difficult tasks seem easy.

Theres also a high probability that they own a pickup truck decked out in red, white and blue glory.

A man who consumes Budweiser is a man you can count on (and one with a slight beer belly).


Consumption of this Dutch beer usually happens inspite of its low-quality taste.

Men who drink Heineken regularly do it in hopes of coming off more upscale and classy (maybe because ofalluring green tint of its bottle), but in reality, they would do just as well chugging the equally shitty and much cheaper Keystones in their basement.

You put on this facade of someone youre not and find a serious need to pine for attention even in thesmallest crowds.


Maybe youre trying to overcompensate for something, but these male beer consumers tend to need their egos deflated a lot.

Either that, or theyve peaked in life and are trying to rebound with a classy glass of Heineken.


Corona drinkers are an undeniably fun time.

While they would probably prefer some place warm and sandy, a man who drinks a Corona can turn any mundane celebratory event into a full-blown party with the drop of a dime.

Theyre eccentric, wild and dont like to play by the rules. I mean, who else willingly inserts sliced limes into their beer before shaking it like an expensive cocktail?

Thats right: No one.

Drinking a Corona doesnt makeyou the lazy type, but instead, more of the go-with-the-flow vibing kindof man.

Oh, and hold onto your headboards. He probably fucks like an animal.

Shock Top

Shock Tops are a sensible choice for anyguy who enjoys his nights out but also would be easily satisfied under the covers with a good book.

Theyre like those coy, glasses-wearing office employees who unknot their ties after an arduous day in the office, only to reveal their undeniably outgoing and sexy side.


This isnt your run-of-the-mill beer choice, but it also doesnt qualify you as an ale savant, either. These guys arent the most adventurous of types, but enjoy spicing things up on occasion.

For example, dont expect them to jump out of a moving vehicle anytime soon, but they do still crave that taste of danger.

Their balance in life is on point.


A guy who consumes Guinness is either Irish or really, wants to emulate the drinking prowess of the Irish.

A man who regularly consumes dark stouts exhumes confidence and is in the know. He is levelheaded and makes reasonable, informed choices in his life.

Either that, or he just likes to blackout a lot.

Saint Patricks Day may come once a year, but Guinesses are forever.

Stella Artois

I mean, thisBelgian delight is traditionally served in a bougie chalice so that should speak volumes of the person consuming it.

Men who drink Stella Artois can display a classier side to them without coming off aspompous or arrogant. Consuming this lager will move you out of that basic beer-drinking sphere and have you seen as approachable, but with a more sophisticated feel.


The beer shouldnt fool people though; you still dont mind getting turnt on a sun-bathed Wednesday afternoon.

You just know how to do it in style.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Someone who is an avid PBR drinker outside of a frat house basement needs to reevaluate his life choices.

Hes unable to move past that super chill, laid back lifestyle and still thinks 12 watery beers for eight dollars is the best thing to ever grace this Earth.

Theres nothing wrong with being a cool hipster and all, but PBR drinkers may not be ready to make big decisions.

Theyre settled on where they are, and that comfortability may come off as a turn-off, if youd like them to, you know, be an adult every once in a while.

But hey, Im not one to judge.

If you need me, Ill be in the corner drinking a tall glass of Bud Light Lime.

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