Victoria Beckham Is Being Criticized Over This Instagram With Her Daughter

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Some people are freaking out over a photo of Victoria Beckhamgiving her 5-year-old daughter a peck on the lips.

In related news, some people need to chill.

Basically, all that happened was the 42-year-old former Spice Girl posted a picture on Instagram of herself kissing her daughter Harper on her fifth birthday.

She captioned the photo,

Happy Birthday baby girl,We all love you so much,kisses from mummy X

Yeah, it was on the lips, and yeah, I probably wouldn’t PERSONALLY ever kiss my mom like that, but a few people got way more upset than they needed to over this.

However, way more people came to Victoria’s defense in the comments — pointing out, hey, kissing your kidsreally isn’t that big of a deal, and maybe we could all just not be weird about it?

Look, I get it. Our society has made us feel all kinds of weird repressed things about sex. I’m very confused every time I watch a beer commercial. It’s all pretty messed up.

But if y’all are out there sexualizing a picture as innocent as this one, you need to check yourself. If you feel a little weird about it, blame society and move on.

Don’t leave a weird comment and make the rest of us feel weird about it, too.

So… not the best birthday Harper’s ever had, probably.

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