These Pens Use Ink Made Out Of Recycled Air Pollution

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A collective of India-based engineers, scientists, and designers known as Graviky Labs have developed a pen thatuses ink made out of recycled air pollution.

They developed a system thatis able to capture the particulate matter of car exhaust fumes. It consists of a sensor-activated unit that attaches to the car exhaust. Fromthe fumes thatrun through it, it manages to capture soot the 2.5-micrometer black particles composed mainly of carbon thatis produced by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. This “distilled” soot material is then used to create the ink thatgoes into their Air-Ink pens.

Each pen contains 30 millimeters of ink, which isaround 30 to 50 minutes of pollution generated from a car engine. Air-Ink have been collaborating with Tiger Beer to create some pretty amazing murals using the pens, which you can see below. In the meantime, the company are working toward makingthe pens commercially available in the future.

A mural created using the Air-Ink pens in Hong Kong. Graviky Labs

The pollutants which could have been in the lungs of millions of people are now beautifully resting as art, the collective explain on their website.

Of course, the pens arent going to save all the worlds woes when it comes to carbon emissions. However,they do show that theres no end to thecreativeways to tackle this monolithic problem.

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