The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Rom-Com Drinking Game

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As the bitter single girls on your Facebook timeline have continually reminded you, thisweekend is Valentine’s Day. It willbe a daywhencandy will be eaten by the handful, roses will be delivered by the dozen and millions of people’s expectations about how the day should go will probably be crushed. Love is in the air, people.

No matter your relationship status, however — whetheryou are single (hopefully not bitter about it), in a loving relationship, or dating someone casually — you really CANenjoy Valentine’s Day. And youdon’t have to have a fancy sit-down dinner at an expensive restaurant, either. Just look no further than this rom-com drinking game.

Watching a rom-com is a pretty standard low-key Valentine’s Day activity. It’s a casual way to lead into good ol’ fashioned Netflix and chill. But if you want to up the ante (and horniness, probably), why not add alcohol to the mix?

For this game, you’ll need literally any rom-com, your favorite hard liquor and your favorite beer. Let’s begin.


When either member of the lead coupledoes anything that you would normally call the authorities for (examples include but aren’t limited to: showing up at someone’s front door or office unannounced, throwing rocks at the window, tracking down where someoneisthrough a friend)

When the female lead wakes up in the morning lookingflawless

When the female lead cries and her makeup remainsperfect

When the female lead gets her nails done withsomeone

Whenthe female lead’ssassy best friend is sassy

When the female lead does anything embarrassing but it’s seen as adorable (examples include but aren’t limited to: getting too drunk, having food in her teeth, tripping)

When the male lead’s best friend talks some sense into him

When the male lead plays a one-on-one basketball game with a friend

When the male lead plays basketball alone

When the male lead remembers a detail about the female lead (examples include but aren’t limited to: her favorite candy, her favorite restaurant, her favorite outfit)

When either member of the lead coupleindicates thathe/she doesn’t likethe other

When either member of the lead couple tries to actall tough and guarded but someone makes him/heropen up

When either member of the lead couple mentions a dream job in another city

When either member of the lead couple shows up late to work in the morning

When there’sa dog (take TWO MORE GULPS if said dog is used to attracteither member of the lead couple)

When there’sa small child (take TWO MORE GULPSif the child is being wise and givinggood advice)

When an older parental figure gives advice

Whenthe platonic friend of the opposite sex ofeither member of the leadcouple pines for him/her


If the movie featuresKatherine Heigl, Drew Berrymore, Matthew McConaughey, and/or Paul Rudd (1 SHOT per actor)

When there’s an overhead shot of anentire city

Whenany male or femalemeets each other organicallybut poetically (examples include but aren’t limited to: in an elevator, falling down on top of each other, on the street corner)

When either member of the lead couple runs frantically to find the other

When either member of the lead couplegoes back to anex, but it’s all wrong

When there’s a freakout with a condom

When a simple misunderstanding that could have been easily cleared up by one conversation tears the lead coupleapart

When either member of thelead couple realizeshe/she isin love with the other

When there’s a scene showinga really outdated form oftechnological communication(examples includebut aren’tlimited to: flip phones with all-caps texting, a weird form of AOL Instant Messenger, some e-mail program that doesn’t even accurately depict how e-mail works)

When the song in the closing credits does not match the vibe of the movie atall


If you’re 10minutes into the movie and everyone is white

When there’s a chase through an airport

When “I love you” is said way too soon

When the hardworking career woman finally learnsto loosen up

When theplayer finally changeshis ways

Whenthe lead couple has sex (take 1 MORE SHOTif there is intense eye contact, simultaneous orgasm and he’s on top)

If it’s the end of the movie and nobody went to the bathroom

If you end the movie withunrealistic expectations about your own love life

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