The Ideal Beer And Wine Pairings For French Fries (And 4 More Perfect Combos)

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Master sommelier Richard Betts, author of The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert, can draw a link between your appetite and your next favorite grape — and growler.

  • If you like French fries, you’ll love… Chardonnay and lager
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    Fries’ best feature? Caramelization, the crunch created when a spud’s sugar meets high heat. Oak transforms Chardonnay in a similar fashion, and lager shares a creamy texture with both these treats.
  • If you like strawberries, you’ll love… Champagne and saison
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    Strawberries’ pucker makes your mouth water, much like the flavor explosion Champagne performs on your palate. Saison — often fruity, always carbonated — bears a striking resemblance to bubbly.
  • If you like green apples, you’ll love… Sauvignon Blanc and pilsner
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    Green apples’ most alluring attribute, tartness, is also a hallmark of Sauvignon Blanc, which is why it’s good to pair with sour dishes. Pilsners, with their faintly bitter finish, achieve the same result.
  • If you like lemon Starburst, you’ll love… Pinot Grigio and Mexican lager
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    I defy you not to love the lemony chew of a sunny Starburst; the smoothest of whites, Pinot Grigio; or a deliciously simple Corona! That these are all unpretentious delights makes them kissing cousins.
  • If you like green juice, you’ll love… Grner Veltliner and India pale ale
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    A veggie nectar is among the brightest things you’ll ever taste — until 5 p.m., when you try an equally verdant Grner Veltliner or an IPA (it’s full of hops, the emerald-colored flowers that make beer beautifully bitter).

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