The brewery that turns bread into beer

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(CNN)A boutique London brewery is turning unwanted bread into craft ale with the aim to reduce food waste.

Each bottle of Toast Ale has the equivalent of one slice of bread in it. While you can taste the wheat and caramel notes from the bread, you won’t find croutons bobbing in your brew.
Instead, the makers use leftover bread to replace a third of the malted barley that would otherwise be used for brewing.
    Toast Ale sources its bread from sandwich-making factories, which have no use for the end slices of a loaf.
    “Creating power from food waste is bonkers if you think about it,” adds Wilson. “There are many more efficient ways you could power your light bulb than baking a loaf of bread.”
    The best solution for bread that would otherwise be binned is “diverting it back into the human supply chain,” he says.
    “We want the entire industry to start tackling this problem … and the day that there is no more bread to be brewed is the day we can shut up shop. That’s mission complete.”