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These wine condoms are not what you’re thinking

These wine condoms are not what you're thinking

Image: firebox LONDON Of all the things worth protecting, wine is most certainly a top priority. SEE ALSO: Wine lovers rejoice, this 24 hour red wine fountain is free That’s why someone had the top-notch idea of creating a “wine condom” for your prized bottle of wine. No, we’re not talking about wine-flavoured condoms (though that’s a great idea). These ...

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Drink: are alcohol-free alternatives finally coming of age?

With more and more of us choosing to drink little or no booze these days, its boom time for the alcohol-free market What to drink when youre not drinking? Not so long ago, the choice was very limited: tonic without the gin, perhaps? Lime and soda sans vodka? An oversweet fruity number? Or (yawn) another sparkling water? Perhaps it is ...

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Wine: what to drink with Chinese food

Aromatic whites arent the only things to go for when looking for a wine to go with a Chinese meal Its Chinese new year this weekend, so Im guessing many of you will be heading for the local Chinese, or at least calling in a takeaway. So what should you be drinking with it? Asda Extra Special Yarra Valley Pinot ...

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