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Stainless Steel Universal Keg Poppet Valve – Homebrew Cornelius Corny Keg – Draft Beer Kegerator 4pcs/lot

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Generic Poppet Valve Ball & Pin Lock Cornelius Keg Home Brew Beer Kegging Seal





Don’t lose beer because of a faulty valve! Poppet valve pieces can become damaged or worn and if the valve isn’t working properly you may end up with pesky leaks in the posts of your soda kegs. Thankfully, this replacement part is designed to fit nearly any ball lock keg.


Have you ever emptied a CO2 tank or keg of beer on the floor?  Then maybe you need to replace your poppet valve.
When the poppet valve gets old, they will start to stick, or leak. Generally, Cornelius kegs have been used many many times, and been abused.  When the poppets stick, they will slowly leak after removing the quick disconnect. Or, it will have a high-pressure leak and spray you in the face. Either way, it’s not a whole lot of fun.
Replace your valves for peace of mind.





Made of Stainless Steel 304 and Food Grade Rubber

Both Side of the Spring has Polished flat ,it will be more seal than before .

Fits all ball and pin lock style keg posts

A cost-effective replacement part

Easy to install


Package includes:

4 x Universal Poppet Valve

2 x rubber O ring For replacement (as free gift)






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