Outrage At Baseball Game After Grown Man Steals Foul Ball Intended For Young Kid

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For any true sports fan, there are few things more exciting than the prospect of catching a ball and taking it home with you. Imagine being at a big league game, rooting for your team, beer in one hand and then before you know it, there’s an actual, bona fide baseball in the other.

But surely if a ball was being thrown in your seating area, headed for a young, excited child, you would do the decent thing and make sure that the kid caught it?

Well, as it turns out, fans are exceptionally ruthless at baseball games. In fact, one little kid knows firsthand just how hardcore they can be. He found this out when a grown man essentially stole a baseball from him. Not just any baseball, the baseball.

Watch a clip of the incident here, and decide for yourselves if this counts as stealing:

The incident in question happened during Sunday’s game at Wrigley Field. And the perpetrator? A Cubs fan. So what happened? Well, first base coach Will Venable threw a baseball to a young fan who was sitting in the first row, but the boy wasn’t able to catch the ball. Instead, it ended up going underneath the seats.

I mean, the lady really should not have kept the ball for herself, thereby withholding it from the child who the ball was clearly intended for.

Luckily, something pretty amazing happened afterward. The Cubs had seen what these particular fans had done and made sure that the boy not only got his hands on his own baseball but in addition to this, he got another ball with Javy Baez’s autograph on it.

The story is a far cry from the one about the guy who made an impressive catch of a foul ball and then walked downwards over the chairs so he could hand it to a kid. That kind of thing really warms your heart, right?

And there are plenty of other cool stories of people catching foul balls, for instance, the legend of a woman who caught a ball in her drink and then chugged the rest of it.

Watch the incredible moment unfold here:

The moral of the story here is: no matter how much of a fan you are, you should do the right thing in the unlikely event that a ball comes flying your way.

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