Margot Robbie’s Reason For Accepting To Diet For’ Tarzan’ Is Seriously Brilliant

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Margot Robbie is many things; ridiculously attractive, funny …. ridiculously attractive … you get this gist. But she’s recently proved to be beautifully relatable too .

When producers of the movie’ The Legend Of Tarzan’ suggested she diet and lose some wight for the role, she told Australia’s TV Week about how she denied and managed to persuade them that Jane, a woman of the 19 th century, would not have been a slim gym bunny.

Its the 19 th century( in the movie) if shes got a bit of weight on her, its perhaps a good thing, she said. Im not going to look thin just for the sake of it.

But the real reason why? Because she’d just endeavoured to London and didn’t want to miss out on the beer drinking. Not that she needs to diet, either.

It was my first time living in London properly and I wanted to try every pub, she said.

Her male co-star, however, had none such luxuries.Alexander Skarsgard was put on a ridiculously strict food which barred carbohydrate and dairy.

The diet deplorable! he told Americas Us Weekly magazine. Ive got to give recognition to Guy, our cook. He had his hands tied like , no carbohydrate , no dairy. It was very strict. When we wrap, I get in my auto and departed straight-out to my dads.

He enjoys to cook, so I spend four daylights on his couch being fed. It was the most incredible week: bone marrow, fried mozzarella, pasta, red wine. I was like, Ahhh .

We’re with Robbie on this one, beer all the way.

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