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Home Brewing 30 Mesh Food grade Nylon Bucket Filter Bag,Beer Wine Residue Separation Bag with Stainless Steel Ring

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Product Description

13"/10" Food grade 30 Mesh Strainer Filter Bag for Nut Hops Tea Brewing Food Filtration House Homebrew Wine Beer Making Bar Tool




1.This filter bag is made from extremely high quality nylon,it is import from other country. 
It has a high capacity of pollution, corrosion resistance, good temperature, flow, easy operation, long life, no fiber off and many other features
It can simply be rinsed and reused many times, by turning inside out and spraying with a hose.Not cheap nylon.
2-Bags mouth with Stainless steel ring.—Easy to filter.
3.These filter bag are very durable, and will last being cleaned hundreds of times.
4.Easily cleaned, Aquacadabra recommend running under a tap to remove any waste
5.This filter bag can be used to infuse spices into wine and straining stocks, soups, and paint. It can be used over and over again
6.They are  great for boiling hops and steeping grain when making beer.


Size 1:
Diameter: 24cm .
Size 2:
Diameter: 32cm .
Package includes:
1x filter bag






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