Here’s Where You Can Find The Rarest Pokemon In The UK

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Wow, you’re actually reading this instead of playing Pokemon Go? I’m so touched!

I’ll get straight down to business so that you can get back to the important stuff – Pokemon catching.

It turns out some of the coolest Pokemon have already been caught, just sadly not by us…But there’s no need to worry, people have shared the locations of these Pokemon, so the rest of us can hunt them out. I am but one human so have not been able to test all of these out, but I hope they’re true.

If not, they’re a good starting point.


Firstly, in case you didn’t know – MI6 Headquarters is in Vauxhall, London. Now that that’s out of the way, if you head over there you will probably find a Gyrados.

Just don’t try and actually enter the building, because then you will probably find yourself arrested.

Nidoking& Aerodactyl

High Wycombe is about 30 miles from London, and is home to two of easily the most awesome Pokemon, Nidoking and Aerodactyl. Worth a trip? Probably. And while you’re there, they have a cute little museum and some underground ‘hell-fire’ caves to explore.


The weirdest Pokemon of all has appeared, and this time we’re going to have to make a trip to Hull. Well,Beverley Marketto be precise. You should probably grab some fruit while you’re there (and pretend that was the real reason you went!)


Admittedly, Clefairy isn’t that rare. I do really, really want one though! And the best place to find one is out west in Stroud. They do also have a cute little museum, but your best excuse is going to be visiting Stroud’s brewery. Because everyone love’s beer right?


It’s official! You definitely need a shopping trip. And that shopping trip definitely needs to be in Brighton’s Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Because obviously you need some summer clothes. And a Machoke.


I hope you’re in the mood to golf, because if you want a Dragonate you’re going to have to get your golf on in Bradford to do so.


This last one has the best and easiest excuse because you can go and visit Pinewood Studios just west of London, and oh look at that! You happened to find a Growlithe!

The other rare Pokemon

I’m sure you’re wondering why we havent mentioned good old Mew, or it’s mutant clone Mewto. And alsoArticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres who are the mascots for the three Pokemon Go teams,Team Mystic, Team Instinct, and Team Valor.

Some clever clogs got into the coding of Nantic’s hit game, and found that the ‘base capture rate’ for these Pokemon is 0, meaning it is impossible to stumble across them in the wild.

It does, however, mean that they are in the system and will show up at some point – with most people expecting them to be introduced during special events or challenges.

The upcoming San Diego Comic Con is set to host a Pokmon Go panel hosted by Niantic founder John Hanke. If there’s news on Mew’s availability – and his similarly rare Legendary pals – expect to hear it there.

The panel, originally set for a 480-person capacity room, has even been ‘upgraded’ to Comic Con’svast Hall H, due to the incredible popularity of the game. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting Pokemon Go News!

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