He Takes An Old Pile Of Jenga Blocks And Turns Them Into The PERFECT Drinking Game

Category: Beer Humor
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Beer pong and flip cup? Yawn, been there, played that. Here’s a game that’s sure to add laughs and joy to your next get-together.

So of you want to surprise your guests at your next party or get together with a fun game with a new twist you’ll want to break out Jenga. The classic game of Jenga requires a sharp eye and steady hand, cautiously removing blocks and preventing the stacked blocks from coming crashing down. To spice things up, each game piece will contain a truth or dare challenge to make things more interesting.

Adding a spin to this game is fast and best of all free. And it doesn’t alter the classic game in any way if you choose to play it that way. It’s a win-win. All you have to do is find your old write a truth or dare question on each piece of your Jenga set. Then assemble the tower, pour some drinks and you’re ready to have a smashing good time with friends and family.

How to play truth or dare Jenga:

Each person takes a turn to select a block. Once they choose their block, they must read their truth or dare challenge out loud. Then the person must perform the challenge before stacking it on top of the tower. If however they choose not to perform the challenge… then it’s time for them to drink up!

The game ends once someone knocks over the tower! You can get as creative and daring as you want, the more daring the more fun (drunk)! J-j-j-jenga!

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