Emoji Charms with Suction 12 Pk, wine/beer markers #emojicharms

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At every party, someone inevitably losing their drink. Drinks get swapped without knowing. Unless of course you at a party where cups are labeled or color coded. I have been to parties like that and that works, but labeling a glass either involves a permanent marker of a solo cup or tape on a non disposable cup. Well what happens if people are drinking out of bottles? How do you tell the difference there? Well I have been given a set of 12 emoji charms with suction cups in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Each charm is unique. To make them stick, you must wet the suction cup or stick it to something that is damp. I just licked them and stuck them to our drinks. I tried them out on various types of drinks in order to determine which they would work the best on. Like the title of this post indicates, they work great on “beer” bottles. I only had wine coolers, so I used that and they stuck perfectly. I was also able to get them to stick to a metal water bottle (but they did eventually fall off), a glass tumbler, a glass tumbler with a “screen” printing on it, and a plastic tumbler. It did not work on an aluminum can, but that can had some texturing to it. This means it won’t work for beer cans with texturing. I have seen other reviews that show them sticking to a diet coke can, so there are certain cans it will work on. Things that have texture on them makes it more difficult to stick, but not impossible.

They are fun and make things a little more interesting. You can pick out the emoji that best fits your mood or your attitude (yes those can be different). Another use for them is to put them up on a mirror or window to help announce how you are feeling that day. My husband put the one with the big smile and the one with hearts for eyes on my cabinet by the kitchen sink while I slept to tell me that he loved me. So they can serve to help in your communication. They also can be great children’s toys. I honestly haven’t seen many of them for very long because my kids keep running off with them. They love to stick them to the windows and hear the “POP” sound with they pull them off. They call them “cookies” because they remind them of the smiley face cookies from Busken Bakery. They are fun and serve multiple purposes!

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