Draft Beer Tower Installation: Tripel Karmeliet

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We love jobs installing draft beer towers like this because it brought us a new challenge. The counter top is made from Caesar Granite which is exceptionally hard requiring a diamond coated hole saw. It took us almost 45 minutes to drill the hole in that counter for the Tripel Karmeliet draft beer tower.

The draft beer tower is built overseas so there was no inner works in it. Thus, we had to build the interior of the Tripel Karmeliet draft beer tower.

You will see in the video that we sandwhiched 3/16th beer line between the in and out glycol lines. The glycol lines circulate at 38 degrees to keep the beer cold from the cooler all the way to the faucet. So, we have to wrap all of that up in order for the draft beer tower to pour properly. If the beer warms up at all then carbonation comes out of solution for a very foamy glass. Pouring out foam is pouring out money.

The first wrapping for the inner works of the Tripel Karmeliet draft beer tower is a moisture barrier tape. This is a special tape that doesn’t allow moisture to bleed through, nor does it lose its stickness.

The second layer is a foil tape layer. This layer adds to the moisture barrier while helping to insulate the lines. Kind of like a space blanket.

The third wrapping is a foam insulation tape to insulate the cold and keep it in.

Lastly, the glycol and beer lines are wrapped with what looks like a very wide electrical tape. This compression tape acts to hold everything together and keep it from growing molds and such.

This bundle, as you see in the video, is then fed down into the draft beer tower and connected to a shank.

Finally, the Tripel Karmeliet draft beer tower is put in place and the connections are spliced into the lines below the counter where the old draft beer tower was located.

Tripel Karmeliet is a highly carbonated beer so it needs more pressure on the keg to keep it balanced. This added pressure would make it pour to quickly at the faucet so we used a flow control faucet. The flow control faucet not only looks great but it allows the bartender to slow the flow back down right at the faucet.

Tripel Karmeliet is supposed to be poured with the huge foam cap you see in the picture. That is a very large glass and there is lots of high octane beer in that picture.

This was just a quick recap of the installation of this specialty draft beer tower. If you have any questions at all about draft beer tower installation please don’t hesitate to post it below or contact us through out website.

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