Bud Light’s New Same-Sex, Celebrity-Filled Wedding Commercial Is Everything

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As of Wednesday, it’s officiallyLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Monthand you know what that means: the most pander-y feats of commercial pandering. People in advertising may be the most accepting demographic of all because they will gladly accept money from anybody.

Bud Light might have officially won us over, though, with its new ad supporting same-sex marriage — and guzzling beer, of course. With Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen as the stars, the ad (featured above) quips how same-sex marriages are just like any other marriage. They list the classic wedding clichs like“cringe-worthy speeches,” “the girl who’s super ready to settle down” and “cake.”

The short spot ends with Rogen summarizing,

Bud Light proudly supports everyone’s right to marry whoever they want.

So who’s behind this actually funny and uplifting ad? Alex Lambrecht, the vice president of Bud Light at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement,

The Bud Light Party champions inclusivity among modern beer drinkers and bringing people togetherfor funover a beer…By featuring Seth and Amy at a same-sex wedding, we’re showing how all weddingsregardless of who is getting marriedshare many similarities and moments to celebrate. We created this spot because equality for all Americans is a concept that unites many Bud Light drinkers.

Let’s drink to that.

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