I’m simply visualizing everybody’s face as they check out the title of today’s dish post. Among my favorite football celebration foods is nachos. Which got me thinking; Exactly what’s a great twist on nachos? Then I utilized my delicious

Beer Brat Cheese Dip with some crispy potatoes chips to create the ultimate’nacho ‘. I ensure that if you serve these up at your Big Game Party this coming Sunday they will not last very long. I definitely suggest utilizing a kettle cooked chip since they will not get soaked as easy as a regular potato chip. You can do not hesitate to dress these up or down as much as you like however certainly the beer brat cheese dip is crucial.


I wouldn’t prepare these until you’re all set to serve them due to the fact that the cheese dip can cool down quickly. Make sure to obtain the cheese good and warm before sprinkling onto the chips. Fresh or pickled jalapenos can be used, depending upon which you prepare. We’re talking nachos here folks. The sky is the limitation!