A Guy Somehow Got Hundreds Of People To Send Him Beer Money On Venmo

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Sam Crowder found himself short of cash on College Gameday, so he did what any normal kid would do: he made himselfa sign addressed to his mom, and asked her to Venmo him some cash. Then heheld the sign up on live television.

Yes, he really did. And yes, it worked.

Wherever theres a will, theres a way.Or put another way, wherever theres a need for beer, beer money will be raised.

Crowders Venmo was soon popping off, with over 250 people sending him money, and praising his creativity on Twitter. Some people even called him a genius. Bit far.

Crowders sign prompted over 250 people to send him money via Venmo after the GameDay sign went viral this morning. The sign simply read Hi Mom! Send beer money. SamC2270.

Am I missing something? This just doesnt make any sense to me.

I guess Im not the only one whos confused because the donators had some pretty varied responses as well.