5 Reasons You Should Never Feel Guilty About That Extra Glass Of Wine

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Wine is the most fascinating, complex and outright-sexy drink most women, and even some men, enjoy.

Most people dont know this viceis actually pretty healthy for you. I mean, yes, people. It is alcohol, and Im definitely not telling you to abuse it.

However, I am telling my fellow anxiety-ridden, health-freak friends not toquestion whether youre an alcoholic for having a glass of wine every night.

For you, my fellow complex women, it simply means youre giving your body a chance to relax (in moderation, of course).

Here arefive very simple facts that prove why wine actually improvesyour personal life. (I wont accept cash as a thank you. Buy me a bottle of wine, instead.)

Wine could improve your sex life.

Getting a little tipsy off of your favorite wine never hurt anyone. An Italian study showed that women who have two glasses of wine enjoy physical pleasure much more intensely, as opposed to women who dont drink wine at all.

This is a pretty solid reason to drink wine if youre in a relationship, am I right? Or, if youre single like me, it gives you reason to hone your independence and enjoy your own body. It gives you all the more reason to get to know yourself a little better (however you mightinterpret that).

Red wine is good for the heart.

Red wine, typically more than white, has antioxidant properties and contains something called resveratrol, a natural phenol from plants. Its also suggested that resveratrol is a preventative antioxidant for cancer and heart disease.

It is said to be found in the skin of grapes, and obviously, grapes make wine. Its healthy, its natural and its good for you in moderate amounts.

Youll always look classy.

Whether youre on a date or with friends at a bar, ordering a glass of your favorite wine is never a wrong choice.

You are most definitelythe classiest person in the room. Ordering a glass of wine, as opposed to a beer, says, Im a woman, hear me roar.

Itssubtle enough thatyoure not outright saying, Im getting trashed tonight, but youre not hiding from your own shadow, either. Youre owning your body, but inviting any kind of play you might want to get from this date, or that guy staring at you from across the room.

Own it, girl. You are totally in control.

Wine is fat free.

Need I say more? I mean who needs food when you can have wine? Just kidding.

We need food, butthink about it. No matter how much you consume, you are consuming zero fat. None. Nada. It makes you feel empowered AND is fat free. So never feel guilty about enjoying a glass (or a few).

Wine can help relax youwhen youre overthinking everything.

I find if Im having trouble making a complicated decision or if Im overthinking options to the point of exhaustion, I sit back with a glass of wine in hand to relax my thoughts a bit. A little bit ofwine helps ease my worries and helps me think things through a bit more simply.

It alsohelps you go to sleep. The clearer life becomes, the more relaxed you are and the deeper the sleep youll get. Of course,wine can cause some serious hangover headaches the next day, so again, moderation is where its at.

A glass of wine a day keeps the nightmares, anxieties and depressions away. So drink up, and drink responsibly.

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