Why Real Men Drink Whatever The Hell They Want

Why Real Men Drink Whatever The Hell They Want

Everyone loves fruity drinks. It’s just a fact. And what’s not to love? They’re tasty, sweet and colorful, and they usually come with a dope little umbrella you can save as a souvenir.

Guysespecially love fruity drinks. Whatman wouldn’t order a gimlet or a lemon drop martini if he knew he wouldn’t be judged by less confident males?

Sigh. It’s such a shame that so many menseemingly care so much about what others might think.

But what they don’t realize is that drinking fruity cocktails isn’t lame it’s actually a sign of confidence. For starters, who doesn’t like fruit? Is eating an apple or an orange frowned upon? I think not.

When a man is confident enough to order something tasty, he’s sure to draw attention from the ladies around him. And it’s not solely what’s in the drink that sparks intrigue. It’s thathe has the panache to pull it off with style.

A man who drinks fruity cocktails is a man who knows who he is and embraces all parts of his personality. No guy should feel ashamed for loving a drink that is delicious. No man should be forced to stare enviously at his girlfriend’s vanilla martini, all because he ordered something ‘society’ would approve of.

Enough with the nonsense! Fruity drinks are better, and it’s time we all acknowledged it. Here’s why a real man goes against the crowd and orders whatever the hell he wants.

Because a real man knows what he likes.

A real man is not going to order a whiskey on the rocks just because he has a Y chromosome. That’s absurd. If he likes cosmos, daiquiris or vodka cranberries, he will order just that.

If a man is drinking a beer that he doesn’tenjoyjust because he thinks that’s what men do, then I have some news for you: He’s not a real man, and he has some soul-searching ahead of him.

If a guy happens to really dig a vodka on the rocks or an earthy whiskey, then that’s all fine and well. The point is that a real man drinks what he wants to drink not what he’s supposed to drink.

No one tells a real man what he’s into.

Because a real man is confident.

There is one quality that separates real men from the rest of the competition: confidence. I’m talking about genuine confidence, the type that comes from within and cannot be faked.

The confident man willmarch directly to the bar with zero fear and order the STOLIBlueberry Lemonadehe’s had a hankering for all day. He won’t try to cover his tracks by saying it’s for his girlfriend, and he won’ttry to hide it behind the bar.

He’s going to sip that drink with pride and love every second of it because it’s DELICIOUS.

Real men drink fruity drinks because real men have the confidence to do whatever they want.

Because a real man doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Some men may not realize it, but women want to date guys who order fruity cocktails. Why? Because we know that a manwho orders a fruity cocktail knows what he’s doing in life.

A real man orders whatever damn drink he wants because he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. The only opinion that matters is his and his alone. It’s this carefree attitude that attractsothers and makes him so effortlessly cool.

This special kind of guy knows what he’s looking for. He’s not scared of anyone because he doesn’t even think about being judged.

Bottom line: He wins at life.

Because a real man has swagger.

Manyguys won’torder certain cocktails because they’re afraid they won’t get away with it. And that’s sadly the case for a majority of them.

But when a guy has swagger, whatever he does is sexy AF. Whether he’s chopping wood with his shirt off outside of his cabin in the woods not that I’ve ever had that fantasy or anything or sipping a blood orangemartini, he’s going to look as delicious as the drink he’s grippingin his right hand.

A real man has the swagger to disregard sillynotions of what a guy should drink. He changes the language. Society be damned.

Because a real man doesn’tequate color with masculinity.

A confident man would never equate a certain color with being tough or strong. And that’s particularly true of his drink order.

If more men had the courage to order whatever the hell they wanted, we’d all be happier people.Who knows what we could accomplish if men were less concerned with how they’re perceived and more tuned in to what they actually want.

If a man drinks fruity cocktailsand doesn’t care who knows it, he’s 100 percent securein his manhood. Life is too short for little boys who throw back whiskey because they’re afraid to be themselves. Go for men who approach life with acolorful outlook.

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