A Man & A Woman Stranded On A Deserted Island

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Imagine the scene, a man & a woman stranded on a desert island with the sun beating down, and you did it on purpose!

Such was the joy of a vacation to a place called Los Roques Venezuela. It is almost like a Pacific atoll, except it is at the bottom end of the Caribbean Sea, some 80 miles north of Caracas, and easily reached by plane, where you land on Gran Roque, which is where we stayed in a Posada.

For the uninitiated a Posada is a converted house or cottage, which takes paying guests in varying degrees of luxury at a corresponding price.

My wife and I chose the Posada Natura Viva, a very Italian Mediterranean Posada, right next to the beach. We chose it because of recommendation that we pick an Italian owned Posada as opposed to a locally owned one.

I have however diverted from the purpose of this account which is of course a Man & Woman stranded on a Desert Island with the sun beating down on us. In truth it was arranged by the aforementioned Posada Natura Viva, and so far as the sun beating down, they also supplied us with beach umbrellas, table and chairs, gazebos and beach towels.

Just close your eyes, and imagine a tiny spit of an island no more than 50 paces wide, one hundred paces long, in fact smaller than my garden at home. Imagine warm clear turquoise water, where you could sit in it like it was a bath, and drink a cool beer, feeling it was your own private island

I suspect they are some of the most important things to take if you are to be stranded on a desert island, even if was only for a day!! I should add the Posada also supplied a packed lunch, thermos with cool drinks, even if we did have to bring our own beers!!

Anyway this I suspect is what the Caribbean was like before us tourists arrived in our thousands.

It was fortunate we remembered our sunblock and high factor sun creams because apart from the shade that was supplied for us, there is none at all.

This has to be one of the most beautiful places on this earth, in fact it’s almost like a dream, why not go and see it for yourself, and become the Man & Woman stranded on a Desert Island for a day!!

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