Sugar Glass Video: How To Make Sugar Martini, Champagne & Wine Glasses

Sugar Glass Video: How To Make Sugar Martini, Champagne & Wine Glasses

— This extensive instructional video will instruct you the best ways to make a silicone mold of glass wares and how to cast a functional, edible, breakaway sugar glass in the shape of Martini, Champagne, Wine and Beer glasses. A sugar glass will certainly hold your favorite beverage, crunch sweetly when eaten and damage safely over one's head or when thrown in a fireplace. These distinctive confections have become preferred when made use of in cake decorating, especially with sugar containers displayed in the video clip, "The best ways to Make a Sugar Bottle Mold and mildew." Sugar Glass, in the form of prominent glass wares layouts, could additionally be made use of as props in the manufacturing of movies and plays where the glass should be broken securely. Generally referred to as "breakaway glass" the phase craft supervisor and/or prop designer could benefit significantly from the understanding they will certainly get from this video clip. How you can use Isomalt sugar to create sugar glasses is likewise covered with beneficial details on how to make use of silica gel packages to maintain the luster and stability of sugar glass for months. Sugar Liqueur glass, Sugar Champagne Glass, Sugar Wine Glass, Sugar Beer Glass


  1. could you just sell us the finished mold ?

  2. what is the rule of 3/4 of the sugar?

    • Stephen Fapsalot

      probably so you can add the extra clay on top of the other clay plug

    • not so much a rule, it just weighs it down and fills the space, sugar is
      lots easier to remove than clay. you could use sand, rice or salt for the
      same effect.

  3. are the cups edible?

  4. I don’t know why I watched this… but I couldn’t stop.

    • DashyProductionZ

      +clotheshoundforchicks And?

    • +DashyProductionZ
      And you have to be at least 21 to drink alcoholic drinks

    • DashyProductionZ

      +Kyubi Draws No. I´m(I guess you too) am allowed to drink it in every age.
      I just mustn’t buy (own) it if I´m younger than 16/18 years old. I can buy
      wine with 16 years.. Also beer.. Just “hard” alcohol with 18 years. So..
      Dafuq are you from?

    • +DashyProductionZ
      Probably the US, where alcohol of any drinkable kind requires you to be 21
      (though there are few places where it is as low as 18 for beer/wine).

  5. Unknown Passerby

    why the hell am i watching this at 4 in the morning?

  6. I just wasted my time

  7. The title and whole video comes across like some 80s informational video.

  8. *short class version
    *spends hour explaining why its a short version

  9. Put some VCR Tracking lines in this, 1989.

  10. This was neat to watch. Honestly didn’t think I’d sit through the whole
    thing, but I did.

  11. What is the point of filling the inner part of ‘glass’ glass with sugar and
    clay? that doesn’t make any sense.

  12. that piano music sounds like it belong in choro Q

  13. I find the 80s porn music distracting.

  14. if i put liquid in it and just let it sit, i wonder how long it would take
    for the sugar glass to fall apart?

  15. Wonderful presentation! You’re a really captivating speaker and I love the
    end result too. I may be purchasing one of these molds.

  16. what does filling the glass with sugar do? (the real glass not the sugar

  17. something so satisfying about this that I can’t stop watching it…

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