Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2

Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey 2

SweetSpotSquad is back with the types of draft beer league hockey gamers. This is part 2 of Stereotypes: Pickup Hockey.

Right here are the gamers you will certainly see in this video:
– The Never Washes His Gear Guy
– The Forgets To Remove His Skate Guards Man
– The Chirp Show Man
– The Would certainly Not Even Rating In A Football Objective Person
– The Energy Drink Guy
– The I Forgot My Money Person
– Captain Hook
– The 3 Minutes Shift Guy
– The Tommy Strive
– The All About The Show Goalie
– The Unhealthy Guy
– The Person With The Crazy Girlfriend

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  1. Austin Mendelsohn

    Im the out of shape guy

  2. These guys are in Quebec

  3. Patrick McLaughlin

    Ive been playing hockey since i was 10 so ive seen all these types of guys
    XD my Highschool hockey career was when i was fully introduced to the chirp
    show and i cant say that i didnt get better at chirping some benders
    myself, Love your hockey vids

  4. Where do they live??

  5. AmonAmarthFan609

    I think every hockey player was a tommy try hard their first game

  6. Courtney Jensrud

    They forgot the goalie that whines about everything. No goal because you’re
    in his crease, no goal because the stick was above the crossbar, no goal
    because it never crossed the line when it did. There’s always one of those
    in a pickup game.

  7. Newyorkrangersfan0623 - sports and more!

    Are you guys like French or something

  8. is this the same music dude perfect uses

  9. CantYandleTheHeat

    What do you need money for?

  10. If you guys make another one there should be “The player that gets the most
    expensive equipment and sucks”

  11. Kim jhon Squarepants

    Ohh god…the Quebec acent is real!



    “Captain Hook”, should have been “The Hooker”

  14. Fanny :D

  15. U guys forgot about that guy who whines after every single call that
    doesn’t go his way … u guys know who u are lol … I had to introduce him
    to the glass last week lol

  16. 1:27 days just skill

  17. 3:18 haha

  18. I’m the forgets to remove his skate guards guy 😂 all day everyday

  19. when will you guys do ice hockey goalie stereotypes it would be to easy

  20. VitalTannerStudios

    I was there last month

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