How to make Corona beer bottles into glasses every time! NO FIRE

How to make Corona beer bottles into glasses every time! NO FIRE


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In this video clip I use a glass cutter, in a container cutter frame. To cut 3 Corona bottles as well as turn them into glasses in your own kitchen area. No fire just boiling water.

Music by Jim Guthrie



  1. Make sure to wear a respirator will doing any sanding or finishing work
    that’s dry. Silicon dust in your lungs can kill you.

  2. Jez Walsh (Exploring With Jez)

    The other top bit could possibly make a cool shot glass 2 in 1 if you can
    find a way to seal the bottom lol.

  3. what is the name of cutting item dude?

  4. what grit sandpaper did you use?

  5. Like!!!

  6. fire was needed to heat the water…or a heat source…and using a glass
    cutter makes the whole process very easy.

  7. the C is always in old English. .

  8. Tardeli costantini

    Need to go to Specsavers as i thought i was watching the making of

  9. that looks totally safe.

  10. What happened to just smashing the bottle on the counter?

  11. Βασιλης Οικονομοπουλος

    in USA do you have corona beer?

  12. Between a glass cutter (45 dollars min) and a simple jet of fire.. I choose
    fire ! :)

  13. Well done 💪🏽👏🏽👍🏽

  14. CoonDaddy Vlogs

    just tried this woth primitive tools , carbon drill bit in place of a glass
    cutter , id really reccomend using the proper glass cutter as it takes a
    certain knack to do

  15. SocialButterfly QueenBae


  16. Khalid N Aldabal

    Did you use sandpaper?

  17. what??!! I paid $14 for one and it works great!

  18. Then I’ll buy from you these cutters for 3$ the piece.. any seller ?

  19. Where did you get the thing the glass cutter was sitting on? Or is it home

  20. lmao @ ‘wear gloves?’

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