Best Beer Ad Ever - Thirsty For Beer HD

Best Beer Ad Ever – Thirsty For Beer HD
It's all beer and bikinis at the coastline in Sydney Australia.
This coastline cowboy is never hungry, constantly dehydrated.

Starring Zilda Williams.
Music by Tito & Arachnid – After Dark


  1. PLOT TWIST: He is motorboating a 200 pound hairy greek man. That’s the
    price of getting wasted alone at the beach.

  2. It’s a sad day when you see a 30 year old woman who doesn’t know how to
    drink from a bottle.

  3. Hahaha I thought she was going to be a mirage and turn out to be a sea lion
    or something!!!!

  4. She spilt his last beer! ffs

  5. Couldn’t he have hallucinated a good looking woman?

  6. Well she came out of the ocean so that explains why her face looked like a

  7. Was this song in the hot dance in the movie Dusk To Dawn? I was trying to
    remember which movie i heard it in.

    • +wavygr Sounded like that to me too. I half expected her to morph into some
      sort of freaky overweight vampire/zombie hybrid and dismember him limb from
      limb with blood and guts flying everywhere. Huge disappointment.

    • That’s it.

  8. I’d almost appreciate the lack of subtlety in this commercial’s message of
    “Drink our crappy beer and you’ll immediately be having sex with easy
    women” if it wasn’t so….boring.

  9. One of the hottest 50-somethings I have ever seen

  10. Perfect and sexiest body shape ever !


  12. my first thought: alcohol poisoning

  13. So who’s mom volunteered for the commercial?

  14. Maybe you have to be an aussie with a alcohol problem to understand it

    • An Aussie with an alcohol problem? That’s redundant. But yeah, this guy
      goes to a beach, all alone, with a box full of beer, the box is empty
      minutes and he hears voices. Even for an Aussie that’s kind of pathetic.

  15. misterfunnybones

    Just press 9

  16. what a waste of time. worst ad ever — beer or not.

  17. Eurassmus B. Black

    Talk about anti-climax-ic

  18. I’d tap that

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