Beer Belly NOT Caused by Beer

Beer Belly NOT Caused by Beer – Vegan Mate

It’s a complete myth that beer belly or a beer gut is caused by drinking beer. While it’s true that beer and alcohol in general are calorie rich foods, drinking beer alone will not give you massive, fat stomach.

When people drink beer, they tend to eat fatty, fried foods such as burgers, cheesy pizzas, steaks, fried greasy chicken and other processed animal foods.

Our liver first burns through the alcohol before burning fat, so this is a big reason why many people who love drinking beer and eating greasy animal products such as burgers tend to put on weight and get a big beer belly.

If you eat a high carb, low fat diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds then your chances of getting a fat gut are very slim (pun intended).


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