20 Women On Their Absolute Dream Proposal

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Half of my friends are Instagraming pictures of their engagement rings, babies or wedding pictures, while the other half are posting pictures wearing practically no clothes with a caption like, bad bitch contest we in first place. Okay, maybe thats only a couple people (thankfully), but basically the rest are posting their weekend bar pictures or their fifth dog photo in a row (me).

Im at the point though where some of my friends are married, some have been dating their significant other for years, some still bounce around from guy to guy, and some have their whole wedding planned on out Pinterest even though they dont have a boyfriend. And of course there are those girls who just dont want a relationship because theyve given up on love or just want to stay independent and do their own thing (me, again).

In a way I feel like thats what being 20-something is all about, either getting engaged or watching your friends get engaged, maybe even both. But its a common thing to at least think about at this point in our lives. Whether you admit it or not, you’ve thought about that potential moment of someone getting down on one knee. And here are 20 of those dream proposals that these girls were willing to admit to fantasizing about.

Im honestly not sure, thinking about engagement kind of freaks me out. I definitely dont want it to be in front of a huge crowd or at a restaurant. I would want it to be just us doing something meaningful like out somewhere or something like that. But I would definitely want him to hire a photographer to take pictures of it all. Haleigh, 21

I havent even thought about getting a date, let alone an engagement. But I guess my dream engagement would probably be on a hot air balloon. Ive always wanted to go up in one and having someone else who enjoyed adventures as much as me would be cool. Mallory, 23

It’d be amazing if it was while traveling because I love travel so much, especially if it was on a tropical beach so we could always go back and visit on our anniversary. -Andrea, 28

I want my dog to be there and just have it be unexpected outside with my family and friends around. Keep it simple, keep it sweet. Sam, 23

I would want him to ask my parents, obviously, but I also would want something that would make him happy not just about what he thinks I would want. Its about both of us. My happiness will come from him asking me to marry him, to know that Im going to be with someone I care about and love for the rest of my life. Ally, 21

Well, I dont really have big expectations because I dont want to be disappointed if it doesnt live up to the plan in my mind. But, I obviously want to be completely surprised. I think it would be cool if someone were there to take pictures of my initial reaction. Alayna, 22

I would want all of my family there, and a complete surprise. I want him to get down on one knee and use my full name. But for me the surprise part is the most important. Lauren, 20

After a long day of skiing, we are sitting in front of a roaring fire on the couch under a comfy blanket drinking hot chocolate. The cabin is cozy and quiet and its snowing outside. He tells me all of the reasons he loves me and how he doesnt want anyone else to have me. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life making me happy. Then pops the question. Margaret, 23

A cute date anywhere that would be memorable, or just at home with something proving they know me and love me, like the Harry Potter orchestra playing in the background. I hate corny, so I dont want something all drawn out. But he better tell me why he loves me and wants to marry me, and they have to be really good points so I know hes the one! Kaleigh, 26

I dont care how I get engaged as long as I get engaged. Kayla, 24

I definitely want to make sure my nails are done, but Im pretty basic so Id either want it to happen somewhere special to me and my fianc or somewhere crazy so I have a really good story to tell. Gabby, 20

Probably something that meant something to both of us. Maybe in Central Park maybe while it was snowing or something kind of magical, but I would want it to mean a lot coming from him. Emily, 22

Having a ring tied to the collar of a golden retriever puppy. -Amber, 22

I think my perfect proposal would be after weve spent time cross country road tripping and we were parked camping for the night. Wed just be hanging outside, talking about life and hed tell me what he loves about me, then get down on one knee. Bridgette, 27

Definitely something Budweiser related, maybe my sir riding in on a Clydesdale, hops down and proposes with beer and ring in hand, then we ride out on the horse away into the sunset. Katie, 25

I think I would just like it to be intimate and personal. Maybe in a great scenic location having him give me a letter of why hes in love with me and telling all the reason why he wants to make me his wife. I love love letters, I think they are so underutilized now a days because its much easier just to send a quick text. And then of course Id love for him to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. Ive always thought it would be nice to have my family there and involved, but I think it would be much more romantic, personal and intimate if it was just the two of us. Hannah, 20

My perfect engagement would be in the winter with a light snow falling down. I would want to be riding in a horse and carriage around Central Park to be taken ice-skating, and then he would get down on one knee with a prepared speech. All the while being photographed by a hired photographer to capture the moment he proposed. Anissa, 22

Naturally I imagine a Tiffany ring and perfect nails and a secret photographer. Grace, 21

I absolutely hate public engagements. My dream would be just my future husband and I on the dock of my camp or on a boat ride alone at sunset. Paige, 26

It isnt anything super specific, but I’d want it to be some what private. Like if it was done along the canal in my hometown in the fall when the colors are absolutely amazing, I would love it. Itd be a super special moment and having that moment with my significant other would make it that much more special. As long as he asked my fathers permission, gets down on one knee, and looks at me how my dad looks at my mom then I would have my dream proposal. Molly, 22

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