18 Celebrities Who Went Through Puberty Hard

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You know the score (maybe). You’re getting ready for a night out, you’re trying your hardest to look good – you want to pull, obviously. You get your look sorted out and a mildy happy with it. That’s when your mates come round for pre-drinks.

You start drinking copious amounts of cheap beer and spirits and you decide to stick a film on in the background hoping you can turn it into a drinking game. You don’t really put much thought into your choice but when you glance to the screen and see Zac Efron being ridiculously good-looking, you can’t help but feel depressed.

But there’s hope. Puberty works in mysterious ways…

1. Chris Pine

2. Chris Pratt

3. George Clooney

4. Georgie Henley

5.Jake Gyllenhaal

6. January Jones

7. Julia Roberts

8. Kristen Stewart

9. Matthew Lewis

10. Megan Fox

11. Nicole Kidman

12. Olesya Rulin

13. Rashida Jones

14. Taylor Swift

15. Taylor Lautner

16. Tom Cruise

17. Zac Efron

18. Zooey Deschanel

So they you have it, if you’re really really ugly (not to say that any of these kids are ugly) and you’ve not fully gone through puberty, there’s hope for you yet.

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