14 Liars That Got Called Out Brilliantly On The Internet

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Lying. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Other times it’s just evil and the liar in question ends up looking like a massive idiot. That’s what I told the Queen yesterday anyway.

We all love to see a liar get caught out, and that’s why we love to see these…

1. I hate it when my boss doesn’t play along with the whole “dead parent” thing

2. Question is, why were they both there?

3. If you’re going to lie about accidentally posting a picture, make sure it’s at least worth it.

4. Good post… get it?!

5. She would have deleted that reply but she was too… late.

6. The woman with a beer also has a tattoo saying “sober”

7. Literally not even a good promise. My nan really doesn’t care that I’m just scraping 2000.

8. That guy has the wooooooorst facial hair I’ve ever seen.

9. I bet the atmospherein that room was damn icy.

10. Oh the cringe!

11. They know the score.

12. Never mind the lie… who cares?

13. Firstly, why would you wear a fake tattoo sleeve? Secondly, why would you then roll your sleeves up?!

14. “Christmas isn’t about bragging rights” they say as they post about their copious generosity…

Oh boy it’s like it’s Christmas!

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