102-Year-Old’s Secret To Longevity: Don’t Diet

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With the holiday pounds already starting to creep on, let’s heed the wisdom of Concetta Talucci, who turned 102 on Friday. “Just don’t diet. Eat! Eat everything you see,” the centenarian said when asked her secret to longevity by CBS Philly. She did add “…but not overeat” to that sentence, but we had our hands over our ears at the time. Actually our hands were reaching for some peppermint bark, but let’s not split hairs.

Talucci, who is known as “Connie” in the assisted living facility in Cherry Hill, N.J. where she lives, was joined by her baby sister 99-years-old at the party.

We’ve heard lots of longevity advice from centenarians some of it logical and some of it not-so-much. The UK’s oldest man who was 108 at the time, said his prescription for long life was a greasy, English breakfast complete with fried eggs and sausages. A 102-year-old woman from South Carolina pointed to the pint of beer she drinks every day. And a Scottish woman credited reaching 109-years-old to a lifetime of avoiding men.

But given that this is the season of overindulgence, we just wanted to thank Talucci and dedicate our next batch of egg nog to her wisdom!


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